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Useful tips for CL
Before touching the contact lenses you need to wash your hands with soap and rinse them with water.

Handle the lenses one at a time and always in the same order so you do not get them mixed up and use them in the wrong eye.

You have to handle the CL on a clean surface. If handled in a bathroom, make sure you cover the drain.

If you feel irritation after putting your CL in, you need to take them out and rinse them again. If the discomfort remains, you need to take them out and consult a contactologist.

Never wet or lubricate the CL with saliva or tap water.

If while wearing the CL you feel that they dry out because of smoke or air conditioning, you can use an artificial tear as a lubricant: two drops in each eye is enough.

It is very important to replace the contact lenses in the period indicated by the contactologist.

For hygienic reasons, the case must be replaced as often as indicated by the adapter.

We recommend avoiding:
Going to the beach and diving into a swimming pool, as there is a high risk of infection, damage or loss of the contact lenses.

Direct drafts, such as driving a motorbike without eye protection, sticking your head out of a moving vehicle's window, etc.

Going to saunas and places full of smoke and dust.