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Salas hearing centres
1/2 The cabinets and equipment
We have spaces fully equipped with technology and precision equipment exclusively for audiology, which makes your visit even easier and provides careful and accurate results so that, we can apply the best hearing solution.

Our audiology professionals is a team committed to your hearing well-being. Experienced and constantly trained audiologists who will accompany you throughout the entire hearing aid fitting process.

2/2 Our audiology centres
You can find our audiology centres in the following locations:

Plaça de Cal Font, 12
Phone number: 93 803 09 69
Carrer de la Riera, 55
Phone number: 93 755 21 15
Plaça de Prim, 2
Phone number: 977 78 13 08
Rambla Nova, 111
Phone number: 977 22 00 12
Pl. Alfons XII, 8
Phone number: 977 78 13 04
Carrer Jaume Mercadé, 1
Phone number: 977 78 13 06
Plaça Nova, 12
Phone number: 977 78 13 07